Each and every child within All Saints Marsh C of E Academy, will experience a culture of excellence so that they achieve their very best, acquire skills and knowledge and build character which they carry into their next step in education – and beyond.

Threaded throughout our project-based curriculum is the pursuit of excellence, based upon three, core, elements: a purposeful outcome; an authentic audience and underpinned by a grounding text. Our approach is based upon:

* A purposeful and meaningful outcome – it is beautiful, well-crafted and shared with an authentic expert and audience

* Critiquing – an expert is part of this process
* Embedded value
* A grounding text
* Multiple re-drafting opportunities
* Children presenting their learning outcomes to the community

This enables children to flourish and live life to the full; they become highly skilled and they experience things beyond their day to day experiences. It ensures that academic success, creativity and problem solving, reliability, responsibility and resilience, as well as physical development, well-being and mental health are key elements that support the development of the whole child and promote a positive attitude to learning.


The new national curriculum in English Primary Schools – a guide for parents

Our Curriculum Principles

We approach the curriculum as project based learning which is based upon three, non-negotiable, elements: a purposeful outcome; an authentic audience and underpinned by a grounding text.

Each project will be planned around key elements, which must be embedded in every project:

  • Purposeful and Meaningful Outcome
  • Created and presented to an Authentic Audience
  • Embeds opportunities to provide feedback to the children
  • Critiquing is a tool embedded in every project
  • An expert is part of the critique of every project
  • Values of the academy are embedded
  • A grounding text underpins the project
  • The Literacy Teaching Sequence is the skeleton through the project
  • It is based on no longer than a half term period
  • Multiple re-drafting based on critique is a non-negotiable
  • Beautiful, well-crafted work is created
  • Once a term each child will present their two project based learning outcomes to the community

Some subjects will be taught discretely and others will be linked through the project-based learning. We believe in enhancing the children’s learning by ensuring that real experiences and experts are woven into each project. Children must have the opportunity to experience things beyond their day to day experiences.


Our Trust Curriculum

All children must be provided with the opportunity to achieve their very best and the curriculum we provide is bespoke to each academy. However, we want to foster and facilitate collaboration between academies in order to provide an excellent curriculum. Therefore we have developed broad areas, which academies can use as a vehicle to collaborate and still reflect the unique needs of each academy.

Our umbrella themes are:

  • Respect – Our Family
  • Wow!
  • Our Planet
  • Journeys and Quests
  • Our Worldwide Family

These themes will reflect the current needs, uniqueness and values of each academy and be delivered in a project based learning approach. The principle of our curriculum design will be threaded throughout. We follow the National Curriculum.

British Values

The promotion of fundamental British Values is at the heart of building children’s resilience to radicalisation and building an understanding of how to be a citizen in the community that they are part of. We provide a safe learning environment for children in which they can discuss ideas and issues in order develop a firm basis of knowledge so that they are able to understand the risks associated with terrorism and therefore be able to challenge extremist views and arguments.

We promote discernment and enable children to have a secure knowledge in order to be able to flourish in a pluralistic society.

All staff are required to uphold and promote the fundamental principles of British values. These values include:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual Liberty and
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Empowering Excellence – Wider Family Engagement

Collectively Empowering Excellence are the key values which underpin everything we do. This is applicable to all stakeholders. We believe that to empower excellence in children, we need to work as a collective to ensure this – parents and community members are key.

Alongside family learning we need ensure that children are able to engage with the curriculum and any level. Each term, parents, stakeholders and community members will be invited in to celebrate the children’s Beautiful Work. We will also engage local and wider community members as ‘experts’ to support the project-based learning. This will provide the children with a meaningful audience but also to celebrate with the wider academy family the excellence that has been achieved.

Building Lifelong Foundations Together