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The Learning Academy Partnership

All Saints Marsh C of E Academy is proud to be a member of the Learning Academy Partnership, a highly successful, inclusive, Multi Academy Trust.  Its governing body is the Board of Trustees of the Learning Academy Partnership.

More information about the governance of our school can be found on the Learning Academy Partnership website, using the links below:

An overview of Trust Governance including the Governance Structure and Scheme of Delegation for the Learning Academy Partnership.

Members of the Learning Academy Partnership
For information about the Members’ role and who they are.

Board of Trustees
For information about the Trustees’ composition and biographies, business interests and attendance, opportunities and how to contact the Trustees.

Trust Board Committees
An overview of the constitution and responsibilities of the Trust Board Committees.

Key Information
For formal documents about the Learning Academy Partnership: memorandum and articles of association, funding agreements, annual reports, financial statements and audit reports.

Financial Benchmarking

Ethos & Advisory Committees

Each school within the Trust belongs to a Ethos & Advisory Governance Committee which reports to the Board of Trustees with delegated powers. These committees meet regularly and are accountable to the Board of Trustees.

All Saints Marsh C of E Academy is a member of the Torbay Hub  Ethos & Advisory Committee.