Our Christian Ethos

At All Saints Marsh C of E Academy, our Christian Vision of “building lifelong foundations together” underpins and permeates through our daily life. This is supported by our Christian values of:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • Trust

All Saints Marsh C of E Academy holds dear the Learning Academy Partnership’s and the Church of England’s vision of John 10:10, that every child will flourish, that they will achieve the very best they can fulfilling their dreams and ambitions. At All Saints Marsh we believe that our Academy is a place where all are valued as individuals and as God’s children – and the whole child matters to God. We care for the whole child and nurture their intellectual development as well as their other gifts

We aim to serve our community by providing a first class education within a Christian context. We believe the school should provide stepping-stones between church and the community it serves, enabling children to be familiar with the teachings and the environment of the Church of England and providing children with a secure understanding of the Christian faith.

Our school provides the opportunity to experience what it is to live in a community that celebrates the Christian faith, offering a tangible, memorable experience of a lived relationship with God. It is a place where there is welcome, hospitality, encouragement, comfort, trust and understanding. We aim to develop spirituality and a sense of meaning and mystery in everyone. School life is distinctively Christian within a broader spirituality, which encompasses all faiths represented in our community.

British Values

The promotion of fundamental British Values is at the heart of building pupils’ resilience to radicalisation and building an understanding of how to be a citizen in the community that they are part of. We provide a safe learning environment for pupils in which they can discuss ideas and issues in order to develop a firm basis of knowledge so that they are able to understand the risks associated with terrorism and therefore be able to challenge extremist views and arguments. We promote discernment and enable pupils to have a secure knowledge in order to be able to flourish in a pluralistic society.