All Saints Marsh C of E Academy Unveils New School Gates: A Tribute to Newton Abbot’s Landmarks

All Saints Marsh C of E Academy, part of the Learning Academy Partnership known as “the small school with a BIG heart,” is thrilled to announce the installation of its new school gates. Designed and installed by local company Besgara, these gates celebrate the rich heritage of Newton Abbot by featuring inspiring and significant landmarks, including the racecourse, St. Paul’s Church, Clock Tower, train station, bandstand,  and the iconic Passmore Edwards building.


Headteacher Liam O’Sullivan expressed his delight at the overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents and the community. “We are delighted with the positive feedback from parents regarding our new school gates and the overall presentation of the school. The children have thoroughly enjoyed spotting local monuments of note, adding a challenge to their daily routines. Their enthusiasm and pride in our school’s improved appearance have been truly heartwarming. Thank you to all the parents for your support and kind words.”


The new gates have not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the school but also sparked a wave of excitement among the students. The children have embraced the challenge of identifying the local landmarks, which has added a new layer of engagement and learning to their daily activities. “It has been wonderful to listen to the children talk about and identify the local landmarks and which ones they have been to!” said Mrs Webber who came up with the design.


This initiative reflects All Saints Marsh C of E Academy’s commitment to fostering a strong connection between the school and the local community. By incorporating elements of Newton Abbot’s history and culture into the school environment, the academy continues to nurture a sense of pride and belonging among its students.


The school extends its heartfelt thanks to Besgara for their exceptional work in bringing this vision to life and to the parents and community members for their unwavering support.


All Saints Marsh C of E Academy Unveils New School Gates: A Tribute to Newton Abbot’s Landmarks