Meet the Tudors: All Saints Marsh Academy Students Explore History Through Drama

Pupils at All Saints Marsh Academy, part of the Learning Academy Trust, recently had an extraordinary opportunity to delve into the world of the Tudors through an engaging and immersive drama experience. This enriching activity, designed to broaden their understanding of history in a fun and creative manner, left a lasting impression on both students and parents.


Thanks to the collaboration with the Konflux Theatre, a trusted Theatre in Education company, and the generous support from The Helen Foundation and the Ella Philips Fund, our Year 3 and 4 students embarked on a remarkable journey back in time. Over the course of just one day, the children were able to produce an insightful and entertaining play that brought Tudor history to life through improvisation and performance.


Headteacher Mr Liam O’Sullivan expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This was an amazing experience for all our children, broadening their learning in a fun and creative way. The combination of drama and history provided an engaging platform for our students to explore the past and develop their skills in a supportive and exciting environment.”


The day’s activities culminated in a performance for parents, as well as special guests from The Helen Foundation. The children’s portrayal of Tudor life was not only educational but also showcased their newfound confidence and teamwork.


“We are incredibly grateful to Konflux, The Helen Foundation, and the Ella Philips Fund for making this memorable experience possible. The children’s enthusiasm and the quality of their performance were truly heartwarming,” added Headteacher Mr Liam O’Sullivan.


Meet the Tudors: All Saints Marsh Academy Students Explore History Through Drama