Art in a Day


The arts are such an essential part of children’s learning and enabling pupils to express themselves in creative ways is empowering and enriching.

Pupils at All Saints Marsh C of E Academy and who are part of the Learning Academy Partnership (LAP) lived out one of the trust ‘beliefs’ in ‘You can be what you can’ see’ when they worked directly with local artist, James Hedge who inspired them to get creative and expressive with paint.

The project was a Helen Foundation supported workshop facilitated by Daisi.” and the Trusts central funds to bring experiences to life, the children created masterpieces for display in and around our school.

The workshop, kindly subsidised by the Helen Foundation, was an interactive, memorable day for the children where they explored the application of paint in unfamiliar and inventive ways such as using a wet rag to spread the paint, using different tools to make a variety of patterns on the canvas and spraying paint from a distance.

The children used colour explosions, textured ‘splats’, bold brush strokes and delicate linear work to describe and represent the changing impact of colour and light on the landscape throughout the day on local landmarks. These have a special place In the All Saints March Community as the children’s classes are each names after one of these unique places; Forde Park (representing a spring morning), Bradley Manor (representing a noon thunder storm) , Courtenay Park  (representing late sun)  and Templar Way (representing dusk).

The project was linked to the art curriculum the children are following, where they have been studying abstract landscape painting using inspiration form artists such as Jackson Pollock and Martin Bush.

The ‘action painting’ enabled the children to express and explore the art using line, tone and colour and using self expression.

Once waterproofed the boards will be on display in the playground for all to admire and there will be a ‘grand unveiling’.

We would like to thank the Helen Foundation and in particular Roger and Annie who established the Helen Foundation in memory of their daughter, who so much loved the arts. The children were humbled listening to the work of the charity as Roger and Annie  explained the charity is funding work in over 60 schools in Teignbridge. It was so powerful for the children to see that they ae part of something bigger and the generosity of others has funding this experience.

Children’s Voice…..


I really enjoyed making the art and I might make some myself at home.

I am so happy and proud of the art work my class has created.

I cannot wait to work with you again next year

The best part was spray painting and learning about brush strokes 

We had some much fun and I felt brilliant.

I cannot wait to see the finished art work on display

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Art in a Day