The children at All Saints Marsh C of E Academy, part of the Learning Academy Partnership (LAP),  have had a wonderfully creative week, starting with a visit from DAISI where each child made models out of clay. Thanks to The Helen Foundation, we were provided with a professional artist who taught us some marvellous clay skills that enabled the children to practise and even perfect their artistic skills. The theme was ‘mystical creatures’ and each child produced their own individualised monster with imaginative features. Our school values of perseverance was definitely on show as the children had to work with some small pieces of clay that needed extra care, and some intricate details were also added to some of the monsters. Overall, it was a successful day that left each child full of the creative spirit!

“We learnt new skills and even got to use them on the same day, which was amazing!” Belle

“It was a lovely day and now I know so much about how to use clay and how to model different shapes.” Jonathan

“Adding extra details to our mystical creatures was interesting and we learnt how to stick the parts together!” Isabella

Templar Class were also lucky enough to have a visit from Tony Gee, performer, puppeteer maker, workshop lecturer and lecturer of 35 years and co-holder of the world record for creating The Biggest Puppet Show on Earth!

In conjunction with Newton’s Place, Tony hosted a ‘play in a day’ with the Year 5’s and 6’s. Together they came up with a mythical story involving the ancient market town of Newton Abbot, designed and made puppet character, learnt how to make the puppets move realistically and delivered a wonderful performance to the whole school at the end of the day.

All the children made their own high quality puppet to bring their tales to life including, parrots, monkeys, penguins an lots more!.

All this achieved in one day!

“The monkeys looked real at the end and the noodle arms made them look even better!” Amy

“Putting the tissue paper and newspapers in the right place was a challenge because we needed to create the right shape.” Sam

“When we performed our show, the younger children were so excited and it was so nice to see that!” Tegan

Laura Secker, Head Teacher said………..It has been wonderful to see our children immersed in creativity and having opportunities to experience different art forms. The giggles during the puppet theatre workshop and the concentrated silence during the clay workshop was wonderful to here. At ASM our children thrive on these wider curriculum experience and are so lucky to have a local community with so much to share with us.